Finding Life

Have you ever tried to watch television on a certain channel, but all you could receive was a weak signal or interference? You really cannot enjoy it the way the station sent it over the air ways. When man sinned against God, our lives and direct communication with Him suffered in the same way. We could no longer enjoy life the way He designed for us to live.

God loved us so much, He sent Jesus to the earth to re-establish a clear communication and provide a blessed life for us. Jesus came to the earth as a man who never sinned. He took the punishment for all sin through His death. That was the only way it could be restored. Once we receive Jesus, we have direct access to God. Not only can we have a life free from guilt, condemnation, and shame, we can now have eternal life. It is because of God's love that He extended His grace and mercy to us so we can know where we will spend eternity.